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Affiliated companies

  • Purple Carrot operates a 100% plant-based food meal-kit business.
    They deliver plant-based meal kits weekly to 48 states throughoutAmerica and support healthy eating habits for their customers.
    Their customers are mainly non-vegans rather than strict vegans.
    Oisix ra daichi Inc. provides plant-based meal kits via and other channels.

  • Tokushimaru Inc. is a mobile supermarket company for the elderly. Leveraging knowhow developed through continuous mobile sales and delivery, in cooperation with local supermarkets and private business owners (sales partners), with a fleet of small trucks delivering straight to the door.

  • Collect and use Ponta points for safe and secure shopping at Oisix. You can use the same Recruit ID as for other recruitment services, such as "Jalan" and "Ponpare".

  • Fruits Basket

    In February 1987, the agriculture processing department of Daichi wo Mamoru group was established in Kannami City, Shizuoka district. The department focuses on producing jam, juice and cake with organic ingredients purchased from manufacturers nation wide.
    In September 1997, the company established “Rakuno-okoku-oraache(Dairy kingdom oraache)” in the third sector.

  • Toko Ltd.

    In September 1995, Yunnan prefecture Chinese cuisine “Gozenbo” opened in Roppongi. With the ingredients provided by Daichi-wo-mamorukai, Gozenbo aims to show customers the importance of primary industry. In October 2004, Toko Ltd. invested in the traditional Beijing roast duck restaurant “Quanzude” and opened the first restaurant in Japan in Shinjuku. In October 2005, another restaurant was opened in Ginza.

  • Sogonoshayamagatamura

    In January 1994, Yamagatamura was established by the investment of Daichi-wo-mamorukai in the 3 sector. The company aims to restore the primary industry by introducing local agriculture and village culture. Daichi wo mamorukai and Yamagatamura have been working together for more than 25 years.

  • the 富平創源Yogeev

    In November 2012, Daichi-wo-mamorukai and “Beijing FuPing Development Institute” co-established “Yogeev” to help people in poverty in rural areas of China. In May 2013, the company started home delivery service of organic agricultural products grown in the farm at the outskirt of Beijing.

  • Furari Ltd.

    Furari Ltd. is a company dedicated to making free time for housewives by sharing cooking receipts online. The company was subsidized by Oisix ra daichi as the second project of Food Tech Fund.

  • the Nihon Agri

    Nihon Agri Inc. is a company that provide full support for Japanese manufacturers who want to export their products. Nikon Agri Inc. believes by increasing the number of export products, the industry can transit into a position which profit can be made more efficiently. The company is involved with Food Tech Fund as the third project.