Quality Initiatives

Basic Approach

The basis of Oisix ra daichi’s quality management is to deliver to customers only food products that the producers themselves would feed their children. As such, we confirm safety based on the following standards. The produce handled by the Group is grown using cultivation methods involving the use of less than half the agricultural chemicals used in customary methods. For these products, we carefully check for the presence of residual chemicals. For all our produce, we create and fill out cultivation management schedules, confirm the number of times agricultural chemicals have been used (including plans for their future use), and make sure all standards are met. Heritage produce grown traditionally in a local region and other scarce products are only delivered to customers after confirming they meet our safety standards.
For processed foods, we rigorously select products that highlight the true flavors of the ingredients. Also, the products we deliver to customers contain the minimum amount possible of chemical preservatives and artificial coloring. We also do not handle any products that use genetically modified materials as a main ingredient.
As for the packaging materials used to deliver our products, we actively promote the use of environmentally conscious materials as well as reductions in the total volume of packaging used.
We test all produce for residual agricultural chemicals to ensure the products we offer are produced in accordance with our standards. In the unlikely event that we detect an agricultural chemical not declared to us, we investigate how the chemical came to be present and confirm whether the produce is suitable for delivery to customers.

Initiatives for Raising Quality

The Group manages produce and other products that enter its distribution facilities in appropriate storage locations so as to maintain appropriate storage temperatures.
To ensure customers are satisfied with the products we deliver, we sight-check and inspect products before shipment from our facilities and remove any that are non-conforming. Also, when packing sets of products, individual items are handled carefully and packaged taking into account proper placement and orientation.
In addition, to stabilize and improve the quality of our services, we ask customers to fill out quality questionnaires, and have established a team that reports directly to the president to consider and implement measures based on the various opinions received.