Safety and security

The Oisix ra daichi motto is that we only supply food that food producers would be comfortable giving to their own children.

Food quality audit committee

Auditing food quality from a neutral, third party standpoint.
Our food quality audit committee consists of six members: three academic experts and three consumer committee members (housewives). The committee's mandate is to audit all processed food sold by Oisix ra daichi from a safety standpoint, based on our established safety standards for "child-safe food products", and to approve these or otherwise, as appropriate. In this way, we ensure that all our food products are checked continuously, and that they have the correct labelling and information displayed.

Monitoring product development

Oisix ra daichi's policy is that our expert staff only select "food that they would be happy to give to their own children". In line with this policy, cultivation managers check growing conditions, as well as safety and quality standards for all our fresh product, using information recorded as the food is grown. For processed food, we have standards in place to ensure we only select products with no added synthetic preservatives or colorants. In addition to these safety standards, we only select products that meet our customers' expectations in terms of taste and price.

Our promise of safety

We only distribute products that have passed our strict safety measures.

Eating is an essential part of our life and wellbeing. However, due to the increase of variety in eating habits, it is possibly becoming more difficult to eat healthy and keep track of our wellbeing. Daichi wo mamorukai is determined to raise awareness of safe and healthy dietary life. In order to achieve that we have created our own set of regulations which we call “kodawari-no-monosashi(Our particular standard)”. For more information, please visit Our promise of safety page.

Our particular standard

Every year “Daichi-wo-mamorukai's production regulation/kodawari-no-monosashi” is revised in order to improve agriculture techniques and productivity. This revision process has been a tradition for us for almost 30 years and it is proceed by trial and error. Therefore all the knowledge we have obtained and practiced in 30 years are written in this manual.

There are two goals for kodawari-no-monosashi. Firstly, this regulation allows manufacturers to measure their productivity because it is a figure that is difficult to keep track of. Problems and solutions are shared between manufacturers to improve total productivity and quality. All manufacturers of Daichi-wo-mamorukai work hard to make sure everything is up to standards. Secondly, it plays a major role in distribution to our customers. The experience of 30 years in the agriculture industry has allowed us to make the specific decisions and react to problems accordingly. The precision of data also allows us to give manufacturers correct feedbacks or necessary support. This is an important fact of us since the beginning of its operations, and we emphasize it as the “Face to Face relationship with manufacturers”.

A guarantee for our customers' safety

The safety of our products are understood by our customers because they know exactly where the products were produced and how they were distributed. Everything we produce and distribute are recorded and checked by strict regulations which gives us the confidence to say that we are sure that our products are safe.