With Society

Supply Chain

Oisix ra daichi does direct business with approximately 4,000 producers, making it possible to procure products at stable prices and volumes from producers who employ advanced production technologies. There are approximately 460,000 subscribers nationwide who regularly use services under our subscription model. This creates a virtuous cycle in which farmers are able to take on the difficult cultivation methods needed for organic and specialty products because they can rely on stable demand.

This type of food subscription model also helps reduce food waste.
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Animal Welfare

The Group supplies healthy livestock products produced using stress-free methods that give consideration to improved livestock conditions.
Products from livestock raised under stressful conditions for the sake of mass production provide neither adequate flavor nor safety in our view. For this reason, we consider the livestock rearing environment for food products and handle only products from livestock raised under conditions that are as natural as possible.

Ms. Kashiwamura, Kashiwamura Farms (Yamaguchi Pref.)

Local Community Contribution and Impact

Based on the concept “Farm for Tomorrow, Table for Tomorrow,” the Group is committed to realizing a sustainable society by closely connecting those who produce with those who consume. Safe, secure, and delicious food products cannot be procured without the help and talents of local communities.
To realize this philosophy, we will promote activities that contribute to the development of local communities through business and social contribution activities.

Impact on Local Economy

Category Summary Impact
Effects of main business ・Shipping volume of organic, low-agrochemical agricultural products (FY2019) about 15,000 tons
・Regular home delivery subscribers for safe and secure food products (as of March 31, 2022) about 457,000
・Number of contracted production organizations about 4,000
Effects of social contribution activities ・Great East Japan Earthquake donations
Donations are solicited from subscribers and local products are sold to support the recovery of the food products industry in the Tohoku region.
Impact on local economy
Total Great East Japan Earthquake donations April 2011 to December 31, 2022: ¥336,215,530 (*including support provided from prior to management integration)
Provide school lunches for children in developing countries by choosing to eat healthy foods.
Cumulative total meals donated by subscribers of Oisix, Radish Boya, and Daichi wo Mamoru Kai: 6,639,703 (as of March 31, 2022)
・WeSupport Medical
At medical facilities treating COVID-19 patients, personnel are busy with infection prevention, medical treatment, and other tasks. It determines which food products are needed by medical professionals and supplies this information to companies and organizations that wish to provide support.
・Support companies providing food products:127
・Cumulative total of medical professionals receiving support: 765,305
・Food products provided the equivalent:¥952,526,478 (as of November 12th, 2021)
・WeSupport Family
This scheme matches the needs of single-parent households with relief supplies from companies and organizations that wish to provide support, and delivers food products.
Activity (https://wesupport.jp)
・Food sponsorships companies: 27
・Number of needy households with children supported: 22,793
・Donated goods: Cumulative total amount of donated goods: ¥123,572,558

Collaboration with Non-Profit Organizations

Organization Summary
TABLE FOR TWO International
TABLE FOR TWO is a social contribution initiative originating in Japan that simultaneously addresses the problem of hunger in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed countries. Through sales of TFT-certified products, the Company is committed to creating conditions for easily and painlessly making contributions to society while helping subscribers lead healthy lives.
Eat and Energize the East
Eat and Energize the East works with food heroes in the Tohoku region to match sales channels with companies, develop high value-added products, train leaders of the local food industry, and build their communities.

We are engaged in the joint development of upcycled products made from ingredients that are lost in the Tohoku region.
Echigo-Tsumari Executive Committee
The Echigo-Tsumari Executive Committee was established to increase the appeal of the Echigo-Tsumari region through the Art Triennale festival.
Regional villages have supported all of Japan through their agricultural goods. These regions, however, face the problems of depopulation and aging, which is also reducing the number of agricultural producers, so it is intimately connected to food-related issues. Through collaboration with the Art Triennale, the Company conducts initiatives to enliven the region.
Japan Wheelchair Rugby Federation
We provide safe and secure Oisix food products and meal kits with balanced nutrition to athletes taking part in the parasport of wheelchair rugby. Our support begins with food, a true necessity for competing on the world stage, but also includes using our e-commerce know-how to help the organization redesign its website.

Social Contribution Activity Expenses

Fiscal year FY2020 FY2021
Amount ¥53,838,752 ¥52,560,414

*Activity expenses include cooperation fees from customers and sponsors.
*WeSupport Family activities and other expenses will total 580 million yen in FY2020 and 420 million yen in FY2021, in addition to the above.