Basic Approach

Oisix ra daichi views legal compliance as essential to realizing its mission and to solving social issues through its business. Returning to the original meaning of the word, “compliance” can be understood as meeting the expectations of society. We act and promote our business based on this understanding of the compliance and respect for human rights.

Whistleblower System

The Group has established a whistleblower system in the form of a Corporate Ethics Hotline and provides points of contact both inside and outside the company. The internal points of contact are the chair of the Risk Management Committee, head of the HR Office, and General Manager of Administration Division; the external points of contact are attorneys with deep knowledge of outside whistleblower systems. In FY2021, there were no reports involving human rights violations, including cases of discrimination.
In addition, the HR Career Support Section regularly issues information and conducts interviews with employees on a alternative basis.from the standpoint of making work more pleasant and rewarding.

Compliance Violations

The Group did not have any compliance violations in FY2021 or any other major violation, including infringements of subscriber privacy.

Tax Strategy

The Group utilizes tax incentives and seeks to optimize tax costs from the standpoint of maximizing shareholder value. Tax planning is not conducted for the purpose of tax avoidance. We recognize that maintaining tax transparency and contributing to the development of the economy and society through appropriate tax payment is one of our social responsibilities.

Donations to Organizations

The Group makes donations to producer organizations for disaster relief and the food ecosystem, but no donations were made to political organizations or similar bodies for non-business purposes. No political donations were made in FY2021.