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Oisix ra daichi


Awarded the grand prize at the 9th Online Shopping Awards.
Awarded a prize by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the 2006 CRM Best Practice Awards.
Awarded a prize at the Japan 300 High-Service Awards hosted by Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth.
Awarded the 2008 Porter Prize. First EC retailer to be awarded.
Won the FOOD ACTION NIPPON Award 2009 (the only EC company to win this).
Our environmentally friendly packaging material, "Airbag", won a prize for excellence at the Food Industry CO2 Reduction Awards.
Oisix EC mobile site won the grand prize at the 2nd Mobile Commerce Awards.
Awarded a prize at the 2010 CRM Best Practice Awards (for the second time). Also received a special award, the "Big Star Prize".
Awarded the grand prize at the 1st Net & Real Mutual Contribution Grand Prix for our healthy and varied range of food products. We expanded our business into physical store operations.
Kit Oisix was nominated as the winner of the 6th Parenting Award by six parenting magazines, and became the first winner in the food category.
Oisix Hong Kong won a prize at the Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2014.
Became the first Japanese food retail business to win the Bronze Company of the Year Award at the Stevie Awards.
Oisix employees awarded a prize at the 2015 Ikuboss Awards.
Oisix's time-saving meal preparation kit won the award for excellence at the Japan Service Awards.


Food Milage Campaign was honored by the Ministry of Environment with “2007 Anti Global Warming Awards”.
Won the “10th Environment of Tomorrow Prize” by The Asahi Shinbun Company.
Won the award of excellence for the manufacture and distribution department for FOOD ACTION NIPPON in 2009.
Enlisted in the award of FOOD ACTION NIPPON 2010 communication and enlightenment department.
“Tohokuomoi-miyaginodaizunotoufu(Thoughts for North East, Miyagi’s tofu)” won the “Tabeteoenshiyo!sho(eat and support award) of FOOD ACTION NIPPON 2013.
“Nihonnogenfukei satoyamanotanadamai(Japan’s scenery, Rice of the mountains) won the grand prize for FOOD ACTION NIPPON 2013.
“Mottainai-sakana(wasteful wish)” won the award of excellence for the sales and marketing department of FOOD ACTION NIPPON 2014.
“Tankakugyu(short horn cow)” was enlisted in the FOOD ACTION NIPPON AWARD 2015.