Farm for Tomorrow, Table for Tomorrow

We provide services that enable a better food life for more people.
We evolve continuously where good farmers are rewarded and proud.
We realize a society that deliver a sustainable framework that links farm and table.
We solve social issues related to food through business approaches.

We create and expand Tomorrow's Food.

Oisix promises : DEHECS

  • Delicious

    We guarantee the taste of all the food we provide, and we deliver products that are so delicious that you will definitely want to recommend them to your family and friends.

  • Enjoyable

    We provide greater than expected opportunities for discovering and learning about food - from visiting the store and purchasing our products to cooking and tasting the food you buy. We enhance the pleasure of eating, putting a smile on people's faces and giving them new topics of conversation!

  • Healthy

    We help our customers look after the physical and mental wellbeing of their family, their children, and themselves.

  • Easy

    We provide convenient products and services to help our busy customers maintain a varied diet easily and without any hassle.

  • Credible

    We guarantee the safety of our products by only selling food "that food producers would be comfortable giving to their own children," providing appropriate labelling and explanations and maintaining a consistent quality of service to ensure our customers' long-term trust.

  • Social

    We aim to make an active contribution through our actions to solving local, social, and global issues in agriculture, fishing, and the food industry.

The mission of Daichi-wo-mamorukai

  • To protect and develop Japan's primary industry.

    Daichi-wo-marmorukai wholesales organic agricultural products and additive-free food with the policy of non imported fertilizer because we value local fertilizer that is created by local stock breeding. We are also highly involved in the development of marine industry. We believe we can support the industry by cherishing aquatic resources and promoting local consumption.

  • To improve the health of our society.

    We do not sell genetically modified products because we believe in creating a sustainable future and society in harmony with nature.

  • To create a sustainable society and future.

    In order to promote the importance of saving electricity, we created an event called “Candle night of one million people”. We also funded a foundation for oversea support. Furthermore we are also highly active in events and campaigns that support children in the Fukushima prefecture.