Issues to be addressed

(1) To establish a competitive advantage for further growth

Amid the severe environment surrounding the E-commerce industry, we will place top priority on establishing a competitive advantage in our core Home Delivery Business, and steadily and speedily implement measures such as "expanding the customer base" and "increasing the added value of products."

Expanding the customer base

We believe it is important to expand our customer base and increase our presence in the home delivery market, which is expected to expand in the future.
For this reason, in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers in line with the diversification of lifestyles and values, we will further increase the value of our reliable and safe products. At the same time, we will further expand our customer base through aggressive sales promotion activities for products and services that combine ease of use and convenience and services that can be used continuously by a wider range of age groups and lifestyles.

Increasing the added value of products

In addition to merchandizing high-quality products based on close relationships with producers , we will strengthen our processing and manufacturing capabilities for the products , thereby enabling us to develop products with higher originality and added value.

Developing business infrastructure for growth

We will promote rationalization and the resolution of social issues by establishing platforms for the unique and common functions owned by each brand of our group and sharing know-how and infrastructure across the group.
In addition to expanding and optimizing the capacity of the Group's logistics functions, it is essential to strengthen processing and manufacturing functions, and we will invest in these business infrastructures from a medium-to long-term perspective.

(2) To cultivate new businesses, invest in new business domains, and develop new markets

In order to complement our core Home Delivery Business and quickly capture the opportunities that will lead to future growth, we will actively cultivate new businesses, invest in new business domains, and develop overseas markets.