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Oisix ra daichi

Oisix Inc. and Daichi wo Mamoru Kai Co., Ltd merged and became Oisix ra daichi Inc.
Radish Boya Co., Ltd., a company that focuses on home delivery of organic vegetables, becomes a subsidiary.
Prior to the merger with Radishbo-ya Co., Ltd., the company changed its name to Oisix ra daichi Inc.


・Establishment of Oisix ra daichi Inc.
・Test launch of Oisix e-commerce site with 20 fresh food items
・Establishment of the Food Quality Audit Committee, a third-party panel of academic experts and housewives responsible for auditing food safety.
・Formal launch of Oisix e-commerce site
・Began sales of "irregular-shaped vegetables"
・Launch of Oisix Club subscription service
・Co-sponsored the first online product exhibition, "Shimane WEB Exhibition", with Shimane prefecture
・Launched My Set service to provide a personalized shopping experience for customers
・Relocated our distribution center as part of a business expansion initiative
・Started selling our "TABLE FOR TWO Healthy Menu", a fund-raising project to combat hunger through the purchase of food products to prevent obesity.
・Launched our "Too good to be true" range, focusing on "good value and well-priced" food.
・Launched Oisix's first overseas operation, Oisix Hong Kong
・Inaugural N-1 Summit, an event to recognize outstanding farmers and producers in Japan.
・Established Gochimaru Inc., a joint venture between Recruit and Oisix
・Opened our first physical store in Ebisu Mitsukoshi
・Donated over a ton of drinking water and other relief supplies to affected areas in Miyagi Prefecture, providing assistance post-the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11. Subsequently, we put in place a range of ongoing support activities, including the sale of products to raise money for support and food aid.
・Pre-shipment food radioactivity tests conducted independently by Oisix since March 18.
・Launched our "Support for Kanto & Fukushima vegetables" initiative to help boost sales of local products from areas suffering reputational impact post-the Great East Japan Earthquake.
・First broadcast of Oisix TVCM
One-day revival of the TV program "Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi" which we had been wanting to revive for many years.
・Launched our regular home delivery service, "For Babies & Children", focused entirely on radiation-free products. New regulatory values for radioactive cesium also introduced.
・Opened our first exclusive Oisix store in Tokyu Department Store
・Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market
・Formation of a business alliance with Isetan Mitsukoshi
・Launched ""Oi Chika Gourmet"", a new service focused on top brand gourmet products.
・Formal launch of "Kit Oisix", a meal kit service with more than five types of organic and specially-cultivated vegetables included (20 minutes or less preparation time)
・Formation of a capital and business alliance with Dean & Deluca Japan
・Started our shareholder benefits plan. Hitomebore Rice given as an exclusive bonus to shareholders in 2013.
・First ""Tokyo Harvest"" event held at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.
・Launched Oisix Fulfillment Service (Oifull) to provide distribution services for online food.
・Opened Oisix CRAZY for VEGGY Atré Kichijoji store
・Opened the first exclusive Oisix section in Queens Isetan. Expansion of business co-operation with Isetan Mitsukoshi; development of the mail-order business.
・Launched Oisix EC Consulting to provide consultation and business support services, using our own e-commerce knowledge and experience.
・Construction of the Oisix Dining Center manufacturing facility to handle increased shipment volumes due to Kit Oisix
・Launched "Oisix Club with Tamahiyo", a regular food purchasing service for expectant mothers and new mothers.
・Revamped Oisix's brand logo: logo design and development with the creative director Manabu Mizuno.
・Sale of products in support of areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquake; provision of food aid to these areas
・Acquired Tokushimaru, a subsidiary company serving older customers and customers without access to a local supermarket.
・Appointed Manabu Mizuno as creative director
・Nominated as official supplier for Japan Wheelchair Rugby Federation
・Reviewed possible management integration between Oisix and Daichi wo Mamoru Kai Co., Ltd.
・Daichi wo Mamoru Kai Co., Ltd. became an Oisix ra daichi group company.

Daichi wo Mamoru Kai

・Daichi-wo-mamoru-shimin-no-kai was established by chairman Toshio Fujimoto. (Later known as Daichi-wo-mamorukai).
・Incorporated the distribution department and established Daichi Ltd.
・Held the first “Chikyu-wa-naiteiru-tokyoshukai(the earth is crying assembly), since then “Dachi-wo-mamoru Tokyo Assembly” is held every year.
・Became the provider of organic school lunch for Ochidai Elementary School. Since then Daichi Ltd. has been a big part of safe school lunch movement.
・Established Daichi bussan Ltd. in partnership with other organizations and cooperations. Established Daichi Farm Ltd. and was involved in the establishment of “Zenko-gako-kyushoku-wo-kangaerukai (National school lunch convention)”.
・Kazuyoshi Fujita became the chairman.
・Began home delivery in the Musashino district at night.
・Started the anti-nuclear movement after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.
・Established Fruits Basket Ltd. in order to solve the problem of food waste in Kannami city in Shizuoka district.
・Established Radiishuboya with the cooperation of Japan Recycle Movement Assembly and Daichi bussan Ltd.
・Established Environmental food research department in Dachi Ltd.
・Held the first organic agriculture successor assembly.
・Started the anti-genetic modified crops movement.
・Started using natural gas vehicles for delivery.
・Held the first Candle night of one million people event.
・Established a business dedicated in local and natural materials for housing and forest restoration.
・Established a new distribution center in Akanehama, Narashino city.
・Built a 1.3 km farm road called “Road of Dachi” in Palestine with the donation of Daichi-wo-mamorukai members.
・Changed the title of the company from Daichi Ltd. to Daichi-wo-mamorukai Ltd.
・Started Daichi-wo-mamorukai’s web store.
・Opened a new store called “Daichi-wo-mamoru Deli” in Ecute Tokyo Ekichika Tokyo station.
・Started the product series “daichi-wo-mamorukai-no-mottainai-sakana(Wasteful fish)” in order to use local marine resources efficiently.
・Started the project “tabete-fukyooen project(eat and restore)” in order to support local manufacturers.
・Started using simple radioactivity measuring devices to example all the green apple products.
・Permitted by the Ministry of land, infrastructure and tourism as a regional housing branding business.
・Established “Yogeev Ltd.” in Beijing China and started to plan for home delivery service in Beijing, China.
・Established a partnership with Lawson Ltd.
・Yogeev began organic agricultural product home delivery.
・Productized native vegetables in Japan with the brand name “nihon-mukashiyasai(Traditional Native Japanese Vegetables )”.
・Started sales of co-developed diary and hygiene products with Lawson Fresh
・Changed the title of the delivery service to “Daichi-haitaku(Daichi delivery)”.
・Expanded the range of delivery from Tokyo to Nation wide.
・Celebrated 40 years anniversary of Daichi-wo-mamorukai in Tokyo Prince Hotel.
・Started sales of the first meal kit “oyasaideli-daichi-no-megumi-de-yutorigohan(vegetable deli kit, food of nature’s blessing).
・Started discussion with Oisix Ltd. about partnership.