Oisix ra daichi's seasonal vegetable novelty packsTavelty

We can help you with business challenges such as:

  • ・Providing superior quality, fresh ingredients as a promotional gift
  • ・Avoiding cliche products and to differentiate yourself from other companies
  • ・Improving customer subscription rates
  • ・Creating genuine customer satisfaction, rather than just providing aesthetic products

Benefits of using our service

  • Safe, secure, and delicious

    In addition to applying our own safety standards, we run radiation tests on every item we sell. Naturally, we do not compromise on the taste or flavor of the food.

  • Increased take-up rates

    Customers who eat vegetables regularly will be keen to try premium quality products. Excite your customers and get them to participate in a tasting promotion!

  • Secure shipping system

    Our delivery experience with millions of yearly shipments also applies for Business-to- Business marketing.
    Costumer’s personal information is strictly managed according to ISO certified company rules.

Novelty offer examples

①Variety Set

  • Seasonal vegetable set

    A set of carefully selected seasonal vegetables.
    *The set in the picture is worth 3,000 yen (excluding tax).

  • Fruit set

    A set of carefully selected seasonal fruits.
    *The set in the picture is worth 3,000 yen (excluding tax).

②Kit Oisix

  • Kit Oisix

    Meal kits with recipes for main dishes and side dishes that can be prepared in 20 minutes are available.

  • Original Kit Oisix

    Kit Oisix collaborates with other companies’ products and services.

③Gift Card (for online shopping)

  • Personal information is not required since we use data on gift card recipients entered in our company's exclusive website.
    From 3,800 yen

④Catalog (Postcard Order)

  • The receiver of a gift catalog can make an order by using an ordering paper, so there is no need to provide your personal information.
    From 2900 yen

We also offer the following services!

  • Breakfast set

    Add the taste of Oisix ra daichi to your everyday breakfast. Ham, sausages, eggs, salad vegetables, etc.

  • Meal preparation set with recipes

    Create recipes using your company's products along with Oisix ra daichi products. *Recipe finder and recipe creation fees charged separately.

  • Smoothie set

    Vegetables & fruits for smoothies. Recipe creation also available.

  • Regional food set

    We select food products from a range of 4,500 items sold by Oisix ra daichi according to various themes and categories.

Examples of companies using our services

  • Yakult Corporation

    We conducted a promotion in which those who had bought certain products such as “New Yakult” received seasonal ingredients for 2 months.

  • Rinnai Corporation

    We created a “Kit Oisix” exclusively for Dutch ovens from Rinnai and conducted a promotion called “DELICIA 2018” in which all those who purchased “DELICIA” could receive the kit.

  • Suntory Beer Ltd.

    Our products were used as a prize for the "Get spring seasonal vegetables!" promotion these past 4 consecutive years. All applicants in this promotion who collected a certain number of stickers on regular (350 ml) or on large (500 ml) cans of Kinmugi <75% less carbohydrates> received our products.

Other clients (alphabetical order)

iRobot Japan G.K. / Aqua Clara Inc. / Asahi Soft Drinks Co.,Ltd / Ajinomoto Co., Inc. ISEHAN Co.,Ltd. / ITO EN, LTD. / IDEA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. / Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. / Ebara Foods Industry Inc. / Calbee Inc. / Kikkoman Corporation. / COW BRAND SOAP KYOSHINSHA CO., LTD. / Kureha Co. / Suntory Beverage & Food Limited / Japan Gateway Co. / SUMITOMO LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY / Sekisui House, Ltd. / Toyo Suisan Kaisha,Ltd / Kellogg Japan K.K. / Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. / Japan Racing Association / NH Foods Ltd. / Nippon Luna Co., Ltd / NORITZ Corporation. / Hakuyosha Japan. / Panasonic Corporation / FUJICCO Co., Ltd. / Rinnai Corporation / Maruyanagi Foods Inc. / MIZUNO Corporation / Meiji Co., Ltd. / Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. and many others (Japanese syllabary order)