Green Shift

Basic Approach

Based on our mission statement “Farm for Tomorrow, Table for Tomorrow,” we are committed to the future of an abundant Earth. Oisix ra daichi will directly address environmental issues related to food and work to solve them through our business activities.
We are building sustainable supply chains by constantly evolving new methods to connect those who produce with those who consume.
The Oisix ra daichi Group established its Green Shift Strategy in November 2020 in order to help realize a decarbonized society. Our strategy incorporates a range of environmental targets that are shared by all Group companies.

◆Green Shift Measures

Item Target Measures
1 Institute the Company’s own green standards Halve greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural production related to our company ・Conduct Scope 3, Category 1 CO2 emissions surveys
・Formulate and institute green standards
2 Start green energy demonstration testing for delivery vehicles To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the last mile ・Conduct verification tests on electric refrigerated vehicles
3 Further greening of product packaging Change the packaging of our products to more than 50% environmentally friendly materials ・Change Kit Oisix bags and produce bags for environmentally conscious products
・Reduce excess packaging
・Strengthen lineups of label-free and refillable products
4 Strengthen initiatives for reducing food loss Strengthening efforts to reduce food loss throughout the supply chain centered ・Reduce food waste through operational improvements
・Utilize surplus inventory
・Promote recycling through food scrap composting, etc.
5 Promote sales of upcycled products Plan to open original upcycling sale site ・Plan and sell upcycled products
We plan to launch sales of “Koko mo taberareru chips” under the Oisix brand in July 2021. These chips will be made from broccoli stems and radish peels that are normally disposed of.

◆Company-wide Targets for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Item Target for achieving carbon neutrality Measures
1 Scope 1・2 March 2024 ・Conduct electricity savings measures
・Promote use of renewable energy for electricity at all sites
・Reduce specified CFC emissions
2 Scope 3 March 2026 ・Institute green standards
・Promote greening of product packaging
・Reduce food waste
・Promote food scrap recycling
・Conduct verification testing of energy-saving deliveries and use of electric delivery vehicles