Disclosure Policy

1. Information disclosure criteria

We disclose information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the Companies Act, and the Securities Listing Regulations, as mandated by the stock exchange. Our basic principle is that we strive for prompt, accurate and fair disclosure of information that is not subject to timely disclosure rules, in response to requests from shareholders and investors.

2. Method of information disclosure

Information subject to the Securities Listing Regulations is disclosed via the TD-NET (Timely Disclosure Network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and by press releases in accordance with the above regulations, which are published on our website shortly afterwards. We also keep in mind the principle of timely disclosure to ensure prompt, accurate and fair disclosure of information that is not subject to the Securities Listing Regulations to shareholders and investors.

3. Future prospects

With respect to the plans, prospects, management targets, etc. posted on our website, those that are not historical facts are based on our judgments and assumptions made on the basis of the information available at the present time. Please be advised that actual results may differ greatly from forecasts due to various factors.

4. Investment decisions

The information posted on our website is not intended to solicit investment but to promote a better understanding of our company. Investors are asked to exercise their own judgment in making investment decisions.

5. Comprehensive investor communication

In addition to timely disclosure and transmission of information through our website, etc., we look to provide comprehensive communications by holding briefing sessions and meetings, as well as by responding to inquiries from shareholders and investors on a daily basis. We share within the company the opinions and requests received from shareholders, investors, etc. as a reference to be used by the management in the improvement of our corporate values.

6. Quiet period

In order to prevent any leakage of financial information and to ensure fair disclosure, we will not respond to questions related to financial results from the day after the end of the accounting period for each quarter up until the day of the financial results announcement. This is known as the "quiet period". However, if there is a possibility of a major revision to the operating results, this will be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner.