Our Strengths and the Three Brands

Our Strengths

A network of 4,000 producers nationwide

To ensure the delivery of safe and secure food to our customers’ tables, we maintain direct contracts with all of our producers.

Our producer network - composed of producers meeting stringent production standards with advanced production technologies, has been expanding steadily with our own growth. They now number some 4,000 producers under three brands.

Amongst our greatest strengths is our relationship with the dedicated producers who toil the fields with enthusiasm.

Logistic know-how specializing in food delivery services.

To ensure delivery of the freshest of products, rigorous quality control measures are implemented in areas such as maintenance of freshness and inspection.

As a result of our long experience in such logistics operations, we have been able to exact high efficiencies whilst at the same time maintaining high quality controls. This, in turn, has enabled stable supply capabilities and capture of healthy profitability at the same time.

The food subscription delivery model.

While operating a subscription model delivery service – food delivery on a regular weekly basis, we have also, through trial and error, been refining ways and opportunities to expand the “buying experience” to promote customer desire to “buy again” and/or “buy one more.”

We have established a model for generating stable profits by increasing customer sales over time and recovering acquisition costs at an early stage.

Feature of Three brands

Our ”Kit Oisix” meal-kit with a recipe for 2 items in 20 minutes has been very popular. For families busy balancing work and childcare, we deliver time-saving products with that "premium feel" that parents can be proud of.

Via our main product, Assortment box “Circulating Vegetable Box (Palette),” we provide 180 varieties of vegetables all year that allows customers to enjoy both the colors and natural taste of seasonal vegetables.

Having been founded in 1975, it is the oldest of the three brands. As a pioneer in organic foodstuff delivery, whether it be the “Organic Festa” which connects producers to consumers or the “Candle Night of 1 Million People” which advocates the slow life, we have promoted events that take action in the real world.